One Step at a Time

Trey Pontious, 13 is a popular kid. He walks down the halls of the Pioneer Center and says hello to everyone from the front desk secretary to the gym teacher, and janitorial staff. Trey has been a student at the Pioneer Center in Chillicothe, Ohio since he was an infant. The Pioneer Center serves students with Developmental Disabilities ranging in age from infants to adults. They have various kinds of therapies available and they stress everyday life skills, and the importance of movement. Pioneer boasts a Special Olympics program. Trey’s individualized education program (IEP) is based around self-sufficiency. “He’s come a long way” says Trey’s mom, Trish Wallace who is a huge fan of Pioneer, had started working there as well.

I created this day-in-the life story in 2008 while at Ohio University.